THE ETERNAL RETURN is the story of failed writer “Lucky” and his voyage back to childhood, to his unrealized dreams, and to the nightmares he has kept hidden from himself and others. After a jobless, loveless, and friendless decade in California, Lucky returns to New York in an attempt to finally finish the novel he has been pretending to work on for years. His plans are interrupted when he befriends an uncanny woman named Betty who progressively starts to resemble the heroine in his unfinished novel. As the mystery of Betty’s existence begins to unravel, Lucky is forced to confront his past and decide what is real and what is illusion. A sinister reimagining of the Pygmalion legend – alternately monstrous, cynical, and comedic – it is a book that follows W.B. Yeats’ dictum that “sex and death are the only things that can interest a serious mind.”