Next Year in Jerusalem
A Film by Mimi Hasslof aka Eye Con Mimic

Haymarket Square
A Film by Mimi Hasslof aka Eye Con Mimic


My First and Last Film
A Film by John Kolchak
In February 2001, aspiring filmmaker Johnny Zhivago was discovered dead in his Queens, New York aparment, a suicide by hanging. Also found was the strangled body of actress Nicole Mitzell, with whom he had a brief romantic affair.  Further investigation of the crime scene uncovered approximately thirty hours of video footage Zhivago had been accumulating for the last six months of his life.

My First and Last Film is a feature-length motion picture compiled out of that footage.

Part 1 – View the entire 10 part series here




A Short Film by John Kolchak
A prologue to a feature that was never made, which nonetheless reappears in “My First and Last Film” and in the book “The Eternal Return”.

Mud from Geraldine Baum on Vimeo.