The Man in the Brown Suit

The Man in the Brown Suit
The Man in the Brown Suit:
Conversations with the Devil about the New World
Poetry cycle
2013 Ward Six Press



A mnemonic journey through place and time – from New York to California, interspersed with flashbacks of Russia – as related in a conversation with a demon who appears as the “Man in the Brown Suit” on the East Coast and who reinvents himself as the “Man in the Seersucker Suit” on the Pacific.

“Now would you like a sucker, sucker?”
He grins his sparkling new teeth,
the filthy little fucker, pulls up a chair and glass,
and guiding burnt out eyes towards the horizon,
murmurs, snot nosed: “Look and see! No better place
on earth for you” and hissing, adds “Or me!”
We lift up sunglasses and squint
and struggle to believe Pink’s lies that
this is actually our home and listen to
his used car salesman’s technique
when he assures us that the ocean’s warm.